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SA's new sustainable tourism initiative

SATSA Eastern Cape Deputy Chair and Owner of Wild Lubanzi Backpackers, Aidan Lawrence, told delegates at SATSA’s 2019 conference recently that the tourism industry needs to be planting millions of Spekboom immediately to offset carbon emissions.


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SATSA and SA Tourism lead carbon offsetting initiative

Spekboom has amazing carbon-offsetting properties and can sequester more than 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year per hectare planted, making it more effective than the Amazon rainforest at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


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SATSA and SA Tourism to lead carbon offsetting initiative

“The thought was to create awareness in South Africa about the need to reduce carbon footprint from inbound flights. Spekboom, with its miraculous carbon-offsetting properties, was the perfect solution", says Aidan Lawrence, Owner of Wild Lubanzi Backpackers.


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Leading the way in creating a sustainable future

600 Spekboom were handed out today at the SATSA - Official Conference for 2019! SAT and SATSA have committed to planting another 5 000 plants over the next few months that will then be the mother plant stock to roll out millions of new plants over the next few years.

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