Growing Trees - Growing Life!

The Tree Nursery at Wild Lubanzi is a cornered off area in the organic vegetable garden that is covered on all sides by shade-net. The main problem at the Wild Coast are the strong salty winds. The shade-net wards off these winds and also protects the tender tree saplings from too much sunlight, while still letting enough light through to help them grow. We grow all kinds of indigenous trees and shrubs that are then planted out in the area. The trees are grown from seeds or from cuttings from other local trees. Once the baby tree is big enough it gets transferred into a bigger pot, until it is big enough to be planted outside.

Spekboom Project

A whole new part of the nursery is the Spekboom project. A field next to the nursery is currently being prepared to host the 5000 parent plants we need to kick off the Spekboom project.

vegetable garden

Part of the nursery is the organic vegetable garden, where we grow vegetables and herbs for our backpackers kitchen. No fertilizers or chemicals are used in the process - just soil, water, manure and mulch.

Local Trees

It is our passion to plant as many local trees as we can, and be part of the reforestation effort in our area. Only specific trees native to the Wild Coast can grown in these strong salt winds blowing from the sea. Knowing which trees to plant is paramount to the reforestation effort.

Food Forest

Food should be free! We are planting many different fruit trees in our garden in an effort to supply most of our food. Luckily almost anything grows in this climate, as long as the trees are protected from the salty winds.

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